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Where ordinary people have discovered how the kindness of God has enriched their lives

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Rev Jackson Crompton-Battersby


Why talk about something good?

Life gives us cause to celebrate

and we want to share good times... starting a lifelong relationship, celebrating years together; moving into a new home; or the arrival of a baby

Why talk when something goes wrong?

Sharing difficult times is an act of kindness, because life sometimes brings us pain. A broken relationship; illness; losing someone we love; struggling to manage conflict with others

Sometimes it's at the most difficult times that we feel God is closest to us, because that's when we know he understands our pain


We follow the Diocesen Guidelines and keep updated through regular training. Each Parish has a comprehensive Safeguarding Policy and our volunteers who work with young people or vulnerable adults are DBS checked or are in the process  of being checked and receive Safeguarding training. We review the  Safeguarding Policy and our safeguarding practice each year.

If you have any concerns at any time about safeguarding in our parishes please contact the Vicar Rev Crompton-Battersby or use the link below to report your concern directly.

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