Elmsett and Aldham travelling Crib

On December 1st, the Crib begins its Posada journey. The Crib and figures  visit homes in Elmsett and Aldham village for a night, hosts arrange the crib and figures and post a picture onto the village Facebook site; and add a small unicorn decoration to it - by the time it makes its way to the village Crib and Christingle service on Christmas Eve - it will be quite a sight!

Each home takes the Crib to the next until...

On Christmas Eve at 3.30pm the Crib makes its way from the Village Hall to St Peter’s pulled on a cart by a real life fully grown unicorn.

You’re welcome to join the procession, we’ll have lots of high vis jackets and light sticks and mulled wine and mince pies served before the service.

To book the Crib for a visit to your home, simply email rev@kind.church saying which date you want :) 

Posada dates...

The night of...

Dec 1st: A false start!

Dec 2nd: Rectory

Dec 3rd: Price's; Elmsett

Dec 4th: Firman's, Elmsett

Dec 5th: Bell's Elmsett

Dec 6th: Bishop's, Elmsett

Dec 7th: Skippen's, Elmsett

Dec 8th: Cooper's, Elmsett

Dec 9th: Cooper's, Elmsett

Dec 10th: May's via school

Dec 11th: May's via school

Dec 12th: Oxley's; Aldham

Dec 13th: Cretchley's; Aldham

Dec 14th: Emmerson's, Elmsett

Dec 15th: Emmerson's, Elmsett

Dec 16th: Edwards' Elmsett

Dec 17th

Dec 18th

Dec 19th

Dec 20th: Ley's; Elmsett

Dec 21st: Ley's; Elmsett

Dec 22nd: The Rectory

Dec 23rd: The Rectory

To book email rev@kind.church

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