Weddings and Renewal of Vows

Getting married in church


We'd love to talk to you about getting married in one of our beautiful and welcoming churches

Contact the Vicar first on 01473 657349 or and he will explain about the process and check dates and costs with you.

Then he'll ask you to contact Jenny Cox our weddings clerk on to go through the paperwork and make sure the forms are filled in.

It's never too soon to have a chat with the Vicar or Jenny.

Renewal of marriage vows


This is a significant way of marking the continued commitment that two people have for one another

It can be after any number of years of marriage or after a time of difficulty when you recommit to one another. Either way, doing this in church puts the message of love and commitment at the center of your relationship


Baptism and Christening

Why have your child baptised?

Baptism or Christening which are both the same things means that your child is blessed by God and is part of the church, receiving prayers throughout their life.

Whether you are baptised at 5 days, five years or aged 55 - God gives you a new faith, purpose and place in his family.

All our Christenings take place in our Sunday services, email the Vicar using the form below and he will arrange to meet with you and chat through how we can best arrange things.

How much does it cost?

It doesn't cost anything  :)

Contact Us

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Maybe come and see us in person...

...pop into church if you'd like to say hello, just check the service times for your church. You may want to drop in beforehand, particularly if you're thinking about a wedding or blessing; all five churches are usually open in daylight hours, kept open by an incredible team of volunteers

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